To assure strict adherence to the quality standards, we have set some business policies, which conform to national and international norms. Stringent quality tests are conducted at various level of production, starting from procurement of raw materials till the delivery of the finished product. Quality of the products is further tested by International labs such as Bureau Veritas, SGS and Intertek Testing Services etc.   Crown Textile is proud to have successfully supplied to leading brands amongst many others and have maintained excellent quality standards throughout. Our quality control systems have also contributed towards improving the efficiency of our production lines. Thus, we have been able to supply the quality merchandise at competitive prices in the international market. The Quality Control department has high priority and infiltrates all sections and all production units at all stages of the process collaborate with it. There are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing, starting from Yarn selection, Knitting, Processing, Cutting, Stitching and Packing. Before the fabric is cut, it is checked thoroughly to confirm that it meets the standards of shrinkage, color fastness, finished GSM etc.

After cutting, all cut panels are inspected to ensure that only the good quality pieces move to the stitching units. During the process of sewing, each and every process is inspected by inline inspectors. The inspectors make sure that only good parts move to the next stage. An individual tracking number is affixed inside all parts of the garment to control the size and shade. After trimming and pressing, highly experienced final inspectors inspect each garment. The Quality Control team monitors the performance of every individual inspector by picking up the inspected garments and checking the quality of these garments. To ensure that the garments are packed as per the requirements a separate quality inspection team checks and verifies the final packages before shipment.


We have stepped up appropriately and aggressively to fulfill the value added garment requirements of its international buyers. Our embroidery department has recently been set up by making substantial investment to acquire fully computerized, high-speed Tajima embroidery machines known for efficiency and quality. Each machine has 20 heads and can embroider in 9 multiple colors.



The latest knitting machines from PaiLung and Dragon are installed in this state of the art facility. These machines are equipped to produce Jersey, Pique, Fleece, Interlock, Popcorn, Herringbone, all 4 cam structured fabrics and Rib in addition to mini Jacquard designs in Single Knit Jersey. The knitted fabrics are thoroughly checked to ensure that only A grade fabric is transferred to the subsequent operations.


   26 Sulzer looms 110 P7100

   14 Sulzer looms 130P7100

   Monthly Production Capacity  280,000 Meters

Our weaving plant is made up of 40 high speeds Sulzer P7100 weaving machines. The sulzer P7100 machines have ability to produce 7000 Meter fabric every month. In addition to the stringent quality control routines enforced for the raw material, development and pre-weaving stages of production each and every meter of fabric is subject to the most critical inspection. Not only at the loom but again, prior to dispatch by experienced and well-trained inspectors.


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