Crown Textile is the largest Manufacturer and Exporter of Men's, Ladies and Children's knitted garments. We started exports in 2000 and since then, have expanded our business to various countries in USA & Europe, these being our major markets. By producing high quality products, making timely shipments and delivering efficient services, we have established a reputation of being committed to customer’s satisfaction. Although our presence is global, our emphasis is on giving special attention to each client taking care to accurately determine individual requirements. Our products and services are customized to meet the needs of each client. A decade in pursuit of perfection has firmly put our faith in the fact that successful management of any operation requires efficiency, administrative ability and dedication.

We experienced in delivery an appropriately balance mix product which successfully meets the customer’s requirement. We believe and committed to provide quality products by meeting our customer requirement through continual improvement at every stage of manufacturing process. We concur to create and maintain healthy working environment in which individuals working as a team accomplishes individual and company objectives to achieve this policy the following objectives are formulated like, No appointment of under age OR child labor for in any position, hiring employees on voluntarily basis with out any threat of penalty, provide a work environment free of harassment abuse or corporate punishment in any form, equal opportunity at all level and no discrimination on the basis of personal characteristics’ or belief and to provide healthy & Safe environment to the employees and enhance  their skills by providing trainings time to time.


We know that our management is held together due to its strong roots, which we believe to be our employees. Their intermingling has nourished Crown Textile to build up as a strong enterprise because we treat each of our employees as a business partner. In return we receive unequivocal and loyal support that allows us to serve our customers more effectively and with the greater inspiration. In order to serve the customer right, we have a detailed system that starts from the customers order and ends at getting the goods timely shipped to the customers. Different departments in the factory interact and coordinate with each other to accomplish this goal.



We believe that our success in developing our vertically-integrated manufacturing hubs has allowed us to provide our customers with low prices, consistent product quality and a reliable supply chain, and has been the main reason that we have been able to continue to increase our market presence and establish our market leadership. These are the same factors that management believes will support Crown’s strategy to expand its presence in international markets and further penetrate the retail channel. We are able to price our products competitively because of our success in reducing operating costs, as a result of our investments in new strategically located, large-scale, capital-intensive manufacturing facilities with modern equipments.

Our production facilities are equipped with the latest textile technology. We have a capacity of 600,000 pieces apparel per month in basic item and 400,000 pieces apparel per month in fancy item. Our primary geographical distribution is The United States of America with similar proportions to Europe. We are committed to quality and efficiency. Our 120 employees and 500 contract operators work towards complete customer satisfaction.  We have excellent textile technicians and management personnel. We can offer fast turn around the products. Our success has been our loyalty to our customer base. We are proud to be associated our buying offices who have shown confidence in our ability and have helped nurture our continuous development in this industry of rapid development and change. We are humbled by the contribution of our buyers and would like to thank them for the trust and confidence that they have reposed in our company and management Integrating Modern systems and work methods, we successfully cover the entire process of Implementing garments design to Final packaging.

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